Troubleshooting Guide

Having trouble accessing Canvas? Having trouble accessing the We Are Slugs! programs? Need technical assistance?

Technical Requirements:

  1. The We Are Slugs programs are accessed and completed through the summer Orientation Course. The online orientation course is accessed via Canvas. Learn how to use and navigate Canvas. 

Having Technical Difficulties?

  1. Google Chrome is the best browser to use for the We Are Slugs! online programs.

  2. You must disable pop-up blockers in your internet browser. Get more information about disabling pop-up blockers in Chrome or you can search online for instructions for disabling the pop-up blocker for your specific internet browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox).

  3. Clear your cache as it can help if the programs are not loading properly. Get instructions on how to clear your cache in Chrome or you can search online for instructions for clearing your cache for your specific internet browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox).

  4. Make sure your browser is configured to accept cookies. Get information on cookies for Chrome or search online for instructions for your specific browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox).

  5. JavaScript must not be disabled.

  6. Security level settings: default settings supported; IE Maximum Security levels not supported.

  7. If you are still having technical difficulties, please review these helpful resources. 


If you are unable to complete any of the programs due to a disability-related access concern, please email We will work to either resolve the barrier or provide an alternative training.