Have a hold on your class enrollment?

Missed the deadline to complete the three online We Are Slugs! programs?

Don’t panic...there’s still time. You can still complete these requirements now!

This page will help you understand what you need to do to address the hold on your class enrollment.

What does a hold on class enrollment mean?

student "to do list" in their my.ucsc account shows enrollment hold assessedIf a hold has been placed on your class enrollment (image right) it means that you will not be able to enroll in classes because one or more of the following items remains on your my.ucsc “To Do” list:

  • Required Online AlcEdu Program
  • Required Online SAP Program
  • Required Online DEI Program 

Once you complete these requirements on your “To Do” list, your hold will be released within 24 hours. Therefore, we strongly recommend you complete these online programs as soon as possible and prior to the start of your enrollment appointment.

Technical difficulties?

See our Troubleshooting Guide if you are stuck or having problems with any of the three programs.

If you need additional tech support? Here is a list of contacts.

Or you can simply email us at WeAreSlugs@ucsc.edu and we will do what we can to help figure things out.